Our history

Our history


The Italian brand Ciesse Piumini was born in 1976 in Borgo Buggiano thanks to the intuition of Silvano Cinelli, whose initials sign the brand's name. The representative logo of the brand is the ligrone, an uncommon feline spotted for the first time in the French zoo park of Thoiry and born from the cross between a lion of Kenya, from which it inherits strength and authority, and a Bengal tiger, from which elegance and insatiable curiosity. The ligrone perfectly embodies the soul of Ciesse Piumini, indissolubly linked to nature, authenticity, freedom. The strengths of brand have been the use of goose down in the creation of highly technical products for skiing and mountaineering, the choice of uncompromising quality, the use of avant-garde materials like fabric from the high waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex capacities, but above all the ability to understand the needs of its customers. The quality and reliability represented by the brand allow Ciesse Piumini to be chosen as the official sponsor of several shipments, the first Italian in Antarctica organized by today's ENEA, or the one on the Himalayas. The versatility of the brand also allows him to equip Rally pilots, motorcycles and racing cars, then fit into extreme sports completely different from the world of alpine climbing or Antarctic expeditions. The most important was the historic 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally race in which Princess Caroline of Monaco and her husband Stefano Casiraghi participated, wearing Ciesse Piumini products. Silvano Cinelli, with the feather, also produces warm, soft and comfortable jackets to the city wear, maintaining the typical Italian style and cutting, proving the ability to interpret and respond to the urban needs of a customer that link this brand to mountaineering and more extreme Antarctic expeditions. The experience gained during the collections focused on natural feather padding for products to the world of extreme expeditions, has been applied and developed with the years in the urban fashion’s field, until the brand has become a true icon of teenagers of the years ‘80 and ‘90s. Just in these years of economic boom, ferment, and socio-cultural transformation Ciesse Piumini become the fashion product of excellence, desired by entire generations overwhelmed by the social phenomenon of "paninari", so as to be used in one of the most success films as " Christmas Holidays ", a cult movie of this period.

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Today, forty years after its foundation, the company's Mission its the same: to offer to a clientele increasingly attentive products with a strong technological content, who can interpret the desire to dress with style in every moment of the day and in every season of the year.

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We're looking at the future with the aim of continue to offer designed products, always in ilne with times and evolutions of the world, Without stopping to preserve and pass on our passion, which made unforgettable our history and strengthend our traditions.

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