Goose down

From skiing to sailing, from adventure to time off, during the years Ciesse Piumini has always made products of excellent quality. His secret? Extreme and continuous attention to research and accuracy in the processing of raw materials, in particular through patented procedures against the release of goose down.

Fill Power

It is the unit of measurement used to test the quality of the quilt, to clearly differentiate it from the piumette. The quilt is in fact a real three-dimensional bow, without rigid core in the form of a central rod named rachis, typical instead of piumette. The bow is made of a central core from which thin elastic filaments branch off, needful to guarantee its unequaled insulating power.

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In nature there isn’t a "synthetic" product that can replicate its isothermal and hygroscopic properties. The Fill Power measures the capacity of the quilt to take up volume, added to the elastic power to return swollen after compression. The greater the inflating power is, the better the performance of the padding will be in terms of lightness, warmth and comfort. The longer the filament of the staple is the greater will be its inflation capacity *.

The padding of a down jacket ensures guarantees warmth, trapping a layer of air, that insulates the body from the outside, the greater the amount of air, the higher its thermal resistance will be. The thickness of air is generally named "Loft". In order to create the same size as Loft, the Fill Power Down Jacket 800 employs 40% more feather less than a 550 Fill Power, resulting however much lighter and more comfortable.

Eco padding

In addition to the great experience in the processing of virgin goose feather, Ciesse Piumini gets a profound knowledge of many other materials: from wool to nylonripstop, from kevlar to Gore-Tex. This allows us to continuously improve the performance of each individual product to always guarantee the satisfaction of the wearer.

Once produced, each product is tested by strict laboratories and directly in the field.



It was born to reproduce the softness of the feather but retaining the advantages of a technological thermal padding. Despite having a unique softness in fact Thermore Ecodown can be used as a classic cotton wool, without complications during the packaging of the product; moreover, just like the other thermal padding allows the production of clothes with limited overall dimensions and maximum freedom of movement. Finally, the softness doesn’t limit the resistance of the product: also Thermore Ecodown incorporates Thermore finishing against the fibers’ release from textiles and can be washed with water or dry.


The ball structure and the numerous fibers contained in them guarantee a high capacity to retain warmth.


It is a material made by an extremely soft polyester fiber that guarantees excellent insulation performance and resistance to washing.


Ciesse Piumini is proud to present the new "eco-tech" project born from the love for research, innovation and respect for nature. The use of latest generation fibers, allows our eco-sustainable products, made with materials up to 90% recycled, to provide and guarantee excellent thermal efficiency and high comfort.