Today, 40 years from our birth, our soul isn’t chanded. Our connection with nature evolved by looking at the future. The world is changing and we are changing with it, that’s why we created “TWO WORLD”

Ciesse Piumini with WARMTH and CLIMATE – Through the down and the technologies, embraces the evolution of nature and its elements; without ever ceasing to pass on the passion that has made our history memorable and consolidated our traditions

We love nature and live adventure since 1976 We have always been specialists of warmth and down, which is why we carefully select the raw material and use the most innovative padding techniques, always guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Through down and technologies, we look at the evolution of nature, without ever ceasing to pass on the passion that made our history memorable. Our goal is to continue working with dedication to achieve the best performance in terms of lightness and warmth.


Ciesse Piumini is a guarantee of quality of materials and high performance. Over time we have evolved in the use of technologies that adapt perfectly to different climatic conditions without altering the style or the shapes of the garment. Our products are made of technical, waterproof, breathable, performing fabrics, characterized by membranes and technologies that ensure protection from atmospheric agents, guaranteeing high-performance even in the daily use. Multifunctional and long-lasting, our garments guarantee protection and comfort. An ultra-thin, flexible and comfortable fabric that provides the weather protection needed in the most hostile environments.