Ciesse Piumini, historic outerwear brand, signs an annual partnership with the famous Italian singer-songwriter and record producer.

Multifaceted, fun, irreverent. J-AX always amazes for its talent combined with that ability that few boast of getting straight to people’s hearts with simplicity and clarity. Qualities that have made him a star of the Italian music scene and that will soon transform him into a leading figure also in the fashion system thanks to the collaboration just signed with Ciesse Piumini.

The historic brand of high-quality technical down jackets and outerwear is in fact pleased to announce an annual collaboration agreement with the Italian artist who will not only see him as the brand’s testimonial but will lead him to collaborate creatively in the design of some special projects. To get the ball rolling will be the video of the new single from J-Ax – “Una voglia Assurda” – in which Ciesse Piumini will be the protagonist with some items from the SS20 collection.

Fabio Primerano, Executive Chairman of the company, comments: “We are very proud of this collaboration which will see us united for a whole year. With J-Ax we had a great feeling right from the start as the story of Ciesse Piumini and the artist have many points in common. Ours is a story based on the desire to get involved, to face and win great challenges and achieve important successes. J-Ax is loved by the young and the elders for his positive messages because he embodies a successful figure who fought, even hard, to get there without ever losing sight of or denying the beginning of his journey. Through this partnership we want to look to the future of our brand, developing and communicating innovative ideas that can be appreciated by an increasingly transversal target and that particularly embraces the world of young people. “

J-Ax continues: “Ciesse Piumini is a brand that I love very much because it has accompanied my story since I was a boy. I am very happy with this partnership and to share with them new projects that speak of the true Italian spirit ”.

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