Ciesse Piumini: the acquisition by Mittel S.p.a.

Mittel S.p.a. acquires Ciesse Piumini

Mittel S.p.a acquires 90% of the Sport Fashion Service owner of the Ciesse Piumini brand.

After the experience with Moncler, the joint-stock company has decided to re-present itself on the technical sports and urban-lifestyle clothing market with an investment strategy aimed at enhancing the small and medium-sized businesses of Made in Italy.

The value of the transaction was 11.3 million

Colacicco, chairman of the executive committee, stated: “With Ciesse Piumini we are expanding the diversification of Mittel Group‘s investment portfolio, and we aim to increase turnover by strengthening the management team”. The financial fund wants to the driving force of development and to play a role that goes beyond the simple financial support, it is placed in the perspective of a medium-long term industrial partnership. The strategy expect the realization of a Omni channel distribution model in order to encourage the growth of the brand through digital channels and at the same time strengthen traditional distribution channels. Fabio Primerano, an engineer with significant experience in the management and direction of international realities and in business development through the use of digital channels, was appointed Executive Chairman.

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